Meet The Team

Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher: Charmaine Ward

Assistant Head (EYFS Phase Leader and Phonics Lead): Jenny O’Neill

Assistant Head (SENCo and Inclusion Lead): Charlotte Smart

Nursery Manager: Stephanie Montgomery

School Business Manager: Donna Murphy


Nursery Staff 

Manager: Stef Montgomery

Deputy Manager: Lisa Andrews


Nursery Room Leaders:

Bluebell Room Lead: Sezgin Tuncbilek

Snowdrop Room Lead: Danielle Munslow

Blossom Room Lead: Lisa Andrews


Early Years (Nursery) Practitioners:

Irene Kellatte

Tracy Humphreys

Jasmine McLaughlin

Carla Hamill

Sophie Pocock

Louise Ayliffe

Priya Gandesha

Noreen Mudassir


Primary Teaching Staff


Hannah Gooch (Science Lead),  Jenny O’Neill (EYFS Phase Lead & Modern Foreign Language Lead) and Phoebe Bani (Trainee Teacher)

Year One:

Rebecca Wood (Maths Lead), Karla Mouncey-Jaggers (PSHE and RSE Lead)

Year Two:

Daniella Wiggins (English Lead), Evangeline Agbley (Music Lead) and Dawn Chesterton (Trainee Teacher)

PPA/Leadership and Phonics support:

Charlotte Smart (SENco and Art+Design, Design+Technology Lead)


Primary Learning Support Assistants

EYFS LSA: Mary Mepsted (HLTA)

EYFS LSA: Catherine Matthews

LSA and Extended Schools Lead and Sports Coach: Jack Morris

LSA and Extended Schools Assistant: Rosina Maddams (maternity cover)

LSA and Extended Schools Assistant: Helen Bishop

LSA and Extended Schools Assistant: Ella Oliva


Non-teaching Staff 

Administration Assistant:

Jayne Browning

Site Manager:

Robbie Haley


Claire Hilton

Sue Temple


Manager (Ashlyns): Julie Long

Catering Assistant (Ashlyns): Sandra Wills