Reach2 Sustainability Strategy

“We are committed to revolutionising our approach to sustainability. By empowering our children to become environmental ambassadors, we will ignite their potential to effect positive change. Our objectives are clear:

· Empower all our children with the knowledge to comprehend environmental sustainability and empower them to champion change.

· By 2027, significantly diminish our carbon footprint.

· Implement environmental initiatives that champion, conserve, and enrich local biodiversity.

To achieve these goals, we will:

· Ensure each school devises a sustainability action plan, placing ecological literacy and environmental sustainability at the core of its curriculum.

· Aid all REAch2 schools in attaining nationally recognised Eco-Awards by fostering rich biodiverse environments.

· Engage all our children in community endeavours to foster positive environmental action in their surroundings.

· Diminish our carbon footprint by enhancing infrastructure and embracing environmentally conscious procurement processes.

· Invest in our staff to obtain accreditation in environmental sustainability.

· Embrace various activities that reconnect our children with nature, nurturing their stewardship of the environment.”

Sustainability in the Curriculum at Newhall Primary Academy

As part of the Reach2 sustainability strategy, Newhall Primary Academy has begun it’s journey in developing our curriculum to empower all our children with the knowledge

to comprehend environmental sustainability and to become agents of change.

Our curriculum has been developed with experts, based on research, and, as one of the Reach2 sustainability pilot schools, we have been able to work with

CAPE (Climate Adapted Pathways for Education), Learning through Landscapes, Natural History Museum and National Geographic Society to develop the content and sequencing of our curriculum.