Meet The Team

Senior Leadership Team


Baz Duffy
Head Teacher
Designated Safeguarding Lead
Jenny O’Neill
Deputy Head (interim)
EYFS leader
Phonics Lead
Assessment Lead
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Charlotte Smart
Assistant Head
Behaviour & Inclusion
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
11B411 Champion
Jenny Redgrove
Deputy Director
of Education
Martin Henson
English Lead
Jackie Johnson
Curriculum Lead
Ben Piperno
Maths lead









Hannah Moss
Class Teacher
YR – Willow
Science Lead
Catherine Matthews
Teaching Assistant YR – Cherry class
Rosina Maddams   Class Teacher YR – Cherry class              (Art/Music/French/PE)
Christine Boltwood Teaching Assistant YR Willow class







Key Stage One Team

Year one


Karla Mouncey-Jaggers
Class Teacher -Y1
Beech class

Daniella Cano    Class teacher Y1 Rowan class                (Geography/History/RE/PSHE)
Antonia Horwell Teaching Assistant
 Helen Bishop                 Teaching Assistant









Year two

Katie Sperrin
Class teacher
Y2 – Elm class                    (Geography/History/RE/PSHE)
Mary Mepsted
HLTA (Higher Level Teaching assistant)
Gemma Jackson Teaching Assistant
Daniella Wiggins
Class Teacher
Y2 Hazel class      English Lead
Rebecca Wood Class Teacher     Y2 Hazel Curriculum lead







Key Stage Two Team

Year three


Duncan Scott
Class Teacher             Y3 Chestnut class
Maths Lead
Zoe Lewis                    Class teacher                 Y3 Maple                 (Art/Music/French/PE)
Lucy Haigh
Teaching Assistant
Harry Woodall
Teaching Assistant
Charlotte Moncur
Teaching Assistant 








Year 4

Chris Leeding          Class teacher               Y4 Juniper                      Technology/DT Lead
Niamh Donnelly            Class teacher                      Y4 Ash
Catherine Robinson
Teaching Assistant 








Admin and Premises staff

Nicola Wright
Office Admin
Jayne Browning
Office assistant
Claire Hilton
Midday meals supervisor
Sue Temple
Bryan Grandsable
Site Manager
Victoria Edwards
School Business Manager










Catering staff

Jane Moore
Catering Manager
Sandra Wills
Catering assistant
Sharon Chick
Catering Assistant







 Extended schools staff

Amber Strows
Savannah Navin