If you would like your child to join our Reception class during September admissions, please see full details of our admission arrangements below. We have also included below a link to the Essex Admissions website.

Applying for a mid-year place at our school

All mid-year applications should be made directly to the school office. The mid-year application form can be obtained by emailing or calling the school [email protected] or 01279 215480. Mid-year applications (sometimes called in-year applications) are any application for a school place made to a year group, apart from September admissions to Reception.

For applications into existing year groups, a place will be offered when the number of pupils in the relevant year group is below the admission number for that year group.

Please note: if a mid-year application is received during a school holiday period, we will respond as soon as possible when the school reopens.

2023 2024 Admissions

Admissions Policy 23-24

2024 2025 Admissions 

 Newhall Admissions Policy 2024 – 2025

Essex County Council

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Tour Film

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Parent Presentation

Admission Policies and Essex Admissions Information

ECC Determination 2022-23

REAch2 Admissions for children adopted outside England 2022-23


Waiting List 

A child’s position on the waiting list will be determined solely in accordance with the oversubscription criteria (not by date in which the child’s name was added). Where places become vacant, they will be allocated to children on the waiting list in accordance with the oversubscription criteria. The waiting list will be re-ordered in accordance with the oversubscription criteria whenever anyone is added to or leaves the waiting list.

Applying for a Reception place.

If you are considering Newhall Primary Academy as a school for your child in September 2024, please email the school office on [email protected] to book a school tour.

We have tours available on:

Tuesday 14th November 9am / 10am / 11am

Wednesday 15th November 10am / 11am

Thursday 16th November 9am / 10am / 11am

Tuesday 28th November 9am / 10am / 11am

Wednesday 29th November 10am / 11am

Thursday 30th November 9am / 10am / 11am