REAch2 Academy Trust determines Newhall Primary Academy’s admission arrangements in agreement with the Department of Education and Essex Admissions Authority (Essex Local Authority).

For mid-year applications for Reception and Year One in the academic year 2020-21, applications should be made through the Local Authority.


Admission Procedure

You can apply for a Reception school place at Newhall Primary Academy for September 2021 between 9th November 2020 and 15th January 2021.

Please click here to apply:

For our virtual tour please click the following link and press play!AizXJk-P5VhDgaYtRSHXAGsWt_AS6Q?e=7fjyHo

For our parent presentation please click the following link and press play


Admission Policies and Essex Admissions Information



REAch2 Admissions policy 21-22

REAch2 Admissions policy 22-23