REAch 2

Newhall Primary Academy and Nursery is part of REAch2 Academy Trust, which consists of 59 schools across England and is the largest primary-only academy trust in the country.

The Cornerstone of REAch2 is a solid, unshakeable foundation, defined by exceptional teaching experiences and shared Touchstone values of learning, leadership, enjoyment, inclusion, inspiration, responsibility and integrity.

These values are at the very core of the Trust, firmly embedded in all of our academies and embraced by our leaders, teachers, staff, parents and children alike.

Strong family values are a key component of the REAch2 vision. We believe that REAch2 is a family: connected by a common desire to learn from each other, share experiences and be mutually supportive across the entire academy community. Every school and every individual is included in this vision. We actively encourage collaboration – and work as a team to create and deliver the best possible educational experiences for every pupil within the REAch2 Trust.

The governance principles of REAch2 recognise the importance of developing relationships with a common purpose and they are about developing processes and structures. The effective governance of the Trust is supported by:

– Trust members – the guardians of the constitution

– Trust Board – the Directors / Trustees

– Trust sub-committees

– Regional Boards and their sub committees – including Regional Ambassadors

– Local Governing Bodies – the local governors

– The Executive Team

Regional Clusters

To effectively provide high quality support to all REAch2 schools a regional cluster model has been adopted. Each cluster is supported by a Deputy Director of Education. Our school is part of Cluster 4, a group of 6 schools in the North Central Region.


Garden City Primary Academy   (Letchworth)         Green Ridge Primary Academy  (Aylesbury)

Newhall Primary Academy  (Harlow)                          Pemberley Primary Academy (Harlow)

Water Lane Primary Academy (Harlow)                     Wilshere-Dacre Junior Academy  (Hitchin)